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This section of the site is designed as an area where members of the Lost in Music Team can post articles and thoughts on issues of interest. As well as thoughts and observations relating to Copyright and Music Plagiarism, these may also cover broader issues that tie into other aspects of the music industry that the project seeks to tackle in due course.

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"Is this safe?": attempting to locate the "line in the sand" that defines music copyright infringement

By SimonA20 Jul 2017(0 Comments)

"Is this safe?" is perhaps the question that most keeps composers and publishers awake at night. A niggling doubt that something they have written or published may rely too heavily on influence of other people's work. In recent years the spotlight ...

Westminster Law School and its musical history

By GuyO19 Jul 2017(1 Comments)

Readers have asked about the wonderful images used on the website, they are supplied by the Archivists at the University and you can read all about the musical history of the institution here

What is 'Lost in Music'?

By GuyO7 Jun 2017(2 Comments)

Want to know about the 'Lost in Music' Concept? Read more here about this initiative to demystify and explain legal issues in the music industry.

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