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Blurred Minds: What's Going On?

7 Oct 2017(0 Comments)

More global column inches have been given over to the "Blurred Lines case" than to any other plagiarism case, almost unanimously expressing disbelief at the decision of the jury that the track did in fact infringe the copyright of Marvin Gaye, and ...

Get The Funk Outta Here

20 Sep 2017(2 Comments)

Since its release in 2014 the global best-selling song Uptown Funk has been plagued with claims that it was based on many earlier songs. Here we chart the changing royalty picture for the song and ask whether the recent challengers' claims have ...

Mission: Impossible - Another Close Shave

11 Aug 2017(0 Comments)

The Mission: Impossible Theme's publisher has filed a lawsuit in the US against a razor manufacturer, for infringing their copyright in a TV commercial. Here we consider why advertising agencies and brands often run a higher risk of infringement ...

(Too) Close To You: Bacharach speaks out

4 Aug 2017(0 Comments)

Burt Bacharach spoke out early in August against the number of plagiarism lawsuits doing the rounds, disagreeing with some of the decisions. The giant of 20th century popular songwriting achieved global recognition in the 1960s and 70s writing for ...

Nerd Lines: the role of the musicologist in copyright infringement cases

20 Jul 2017(0 Comments)

Any kind of “ology” involves an element of deep understanding to the point of "nerdiness", and musicology is no exception. It is no surprise that the court room requires the contribution of independent expert witnesses, to inform judge and jury ...

"Is this safe?": attempting to locate the "line in the sand" that defines music copyright infringement

20 Jul 2017(0 Comments)

"Is this safe?" is perhaps the question that most keeps composers and publishers awake at night. A niggling doubt that something they have written or published may rely too heavily on influence of other people's work. In recent years the spotlight ...

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BBC article on the threat of a copyright infringement case stifling creativity

Interesting article on the BBC site 12 July 2017: Is the threat of a copyright infringement stifling music I'm not sure it's entirely true to suggest that composers might stop composing out of ...