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Music copyright infringements fall into three different categories; Decided, Settled and cases In the media. To view cases on our website select from the list below or filter by category.

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Estate of Ed Townsend vs Sheeran and others

2016 • In the media • US District Court for the Southern District of New York (Manhattan)

Claimant Work: Let's Get It On

Defendant Work: Thinking Out Loud

A case was brought in 2016 against Ed Sheeran, his publisher and record label, for allegedly copying Marvin Gaye classic Let's Get It On in his song Thinking Out Loud.

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Famous Music LLC vs IdeaVillage Products Corp

2017 • In the media • New York, USA

Claimant Work: Mission: Impossible (Theme)

Defendant Work: Sonic Groom reported that a suit was filed early in August by Famous Music LLC, publishers of the Mission: Impossible Theme, against IdeaVillage Products Corp, who make a shaver called Sonic Groom.

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May vs Miley Cyrus, Sony Music and others

2018 • In the media • New York, USA, Southern District

Claimant Work: We Run Things

Defendant Work: We Can't Stop

An action was brought against Miley Cyrus, her co-writers, publisher and record label in March 2018 claiming that her song We Can't Stop infringed the copyright in We Run Things a 1988 song by the artist Flourgon, a pseudonym of writer and performer Michael May.

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Chokri and others vs Sheeran and others

2020 • In the media • UK

Claimant Work: Oh Why

Defendant Work: Shape Of You

Another case was brought against Ed Sheeran in 2018, claiming that his song Shape Of You copied an earlier song by Sami Switch called Oh Why.