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January 2018: new additions to Lost in Music

Authored by SimonA

24 Jan 2018 • 1 Comments (Add Comment)

A busy start to the New Year has seen two interesting new infringement cases emerge. First came a case between Radiohead and Lana Del Rey, bringing Creep and Get Free into the spotlight. Shortly afterwards co-writers of Jasmine Rae's When I Found You brought an action against Ed Sheeran for the song The Rest Of Our Life, which he co-wrote for Faith Hill and Tim McGraw.

Lana Del Rey tweeted in early January that she was being pursued for copyright infringement by Radiohead's publishers, her song Get Free allegedly infringing Creep. Added interest here came from the fact that Creep had earlier settled an infringement case with the writers of The Air That I Breathe, a 1974 hit for The Hollies.

You can read our case notes on Radiohead v Del Rey here and Hammond and Hazlewood v Radiohead here. Additionally we have written an article for rock and pop culture web site The Quietus, which compares similarities between all three songs.

Last week a new case was brought against Ed Sheeran and co-writers of the Faith Hill and Tim McGraw hit The Rest Of Our Life by US lawyers acting for two of the three writers of Australian singer Jasmine Rae's song When I Found You. The songs appear to have identical openings, but with apparently standard musical material. Have a listen and read the commentary, with links to the court papers here.

In preparation currently are notes on the recent cases between Right Said Fred and Taylor Swift and the apparently settled case between White Hinterland and Justin Bieber.

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