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Liam Payne ft. Quavo vs. Shaggy ft. Rikrok

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Listening to the radio yesterday, I couldn't help but feel sorry for people like Ed Sheeran. Imagine being him, getting in the car to drive to your lawyer's office to tie up the final royalties split on 'Shape of You', and Liam Payne's new single 'Strip That Down' comes over the airwaves. "Oh come on!" I imagine he would exclaim at the pre-chorus's ascending melody interspersed with lower spoken lines. "Are you serious?!", he would ask of the melody on the third line which descends rather than ascends. "Oh, I am telling my lawyer about this", he would assert when he heard the first line of the chorus. And he would be well within his rights to do so, because all of these elements have been lifted almost note-for-note from Shaggy's 2000 hit 'It Wasn't Me'.

Perhaps Mr. Payne should take Shaggy's sage advice if accused of infringement.

Liam Payne ft. Quavo - Strip That Down (0.45)

Shaggy ft. Rikrok - It Wasn't Me (1.03)


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robkerr 9 Oct 2017

UPDATE: It turns out that not only is Shaggy actually already credited on this song (under his real name Orville Burrell), but so is Ed Sheeran himself. So the scenario I painted above is a pretty unlikely one.

Do your homework, kids.